Who is Old New England Soap Company?

Old New England Soap Company was initially established as a challenge.  Living in Vermont, I ran across an old lady who suggested I forget about lotion for my dry skin and give goat milk soap a try.  I looked high and low for a company that could impress me with the moisture content and the longevity of the bar.  Most soap enthusiasts will tell you that sometimes the best soaps are the ones that dissolve the quickest.  After a lot of research and finding several companies that partially “got it right”, I decided to start making my own.  Old New England Soap is made with 300% more pure, farm fresh, raw goat milk than the average goat milk soap to ensure all of the healing and moisturizing benefits reach your skin where you need it.  We also only use essential oils for to scent our soaps to ensure it is as safe as possible for those with sensitive skin. Our bars will usually last for 30-40 showers which is very comparable to a traditional soap at the store.

So why do you make candles too?

It seems that any time you venture into making good smelling products, the very first request is, “When are you going to start making candles?”  So…we did.  But not just any candle.  I wanted to make something that was actually clean burning without the typical toxins found in store bought candles.  So we did three things:

  • We use a combination wick (wood & cotton – see below) to ensure the lighting of the candle is easy but the candle burns almost twice as long (no tunneling, no wasted wax = longer burn time)
  • We use 100% soy wax instead of paraffin wax since paraffin is a petroleum byproduct that releases a lot of black and soot and toxic, carcinogenic compounds into the air.
  • We also discovered the link between candles and headaches…it’s a chemical in the fragrance oil called a phthalate which causes hormone disruption and induces a hormone headache.  So we found a fragrance oil manufacturer that makes all of our scents custom without even the slightest trace of the headache causing chemical (how cool is that!)